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I started digitally recording my guitar music in 2007, beginning with solo finger-style arrangements I created.  I like to keep the set-up simple and usually run my guitar directly into a digital recorder, not using a guitar amp.

This results in a very clean tone that has the pure sound of the guitar, is not shaped by an amplifier, and has no interacton between the guitar and an amp's speakers.  This is how Les Paul recorded his chart-topping hits.

Prior to 2021, I played and recorded with ol' school archtop jazz style guitars.  On the 2021 recordings below, I am using a wonderful Gibson Les Paul, the Traditional model -- I love it!

2021 Music Videos

Instrumentals:  More coming!

2021 Songs for an Album (MP3s)

Please check back as I am doing more studio work this year.  I am also tweaking the arrangements and MP3 files.

More Music Videos With Backup Bands

Music Videos, Solo Finger Style Guitar


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