Web Design:  Hamburgers & ScrollJacking

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Hamburger Menus

  1. 4 Types Of Websites Sites That Shouldn’t Use a Hamburger Menu
  2. Analyzing the Hamburger Menu in Web Design
  3. [The] Genius—and Potential Dangers—of the Hamburger Icon (Flyout Menu)
  4. Hamburger Menu: A Headache To UX?
  5. [The] Hamburger Menu-Icon Debate
  6. It’s time to return the hamburger menu to sender
  7. Making A Case For The Desktop Hamburger Menu
  8. My Beef with the Hamburger Menu
  9. Why It’s Totally Okay to Use a Hamburger Icon

Scrollbar Hijacking

  1. 5 Surefire Ways to Get Users to Scroll
  2. Awwwards Examples:  Modified Scroll Designs
  3. Best Practices for Scrolling
  4. Changing a Web Browsers Default Scroll Bar Advice
  5. [The] New Rules for Scrolling in Web Design
  6. Parallax Web Design: To Scroll or Not to Scroll
  7. [The] Scroll Hijacking Usability Nightmare 
  8. [The] Scroll Hijacking Usability Nightmare
  9. Scroll-Jacking
  10. Scrolljacking: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  11. Styling Scrollbars to Match Your UI Design
  12. Unfolding the Insights Into Webpage Scroll

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