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Library Media Word CloudWisconsin's Library Media Specialist license served as the model for today's 2-tier licenses for all subject areas.  There is an initial license and, after achieving more specialized training & experience, there is a professional licence . 

I completed my first step at UW-Whitewater (901).  At the time, it had the most robust and qualified school library media specialist program in the state.  I earned the second step (902) at the American Library Association's accredited School of Information Studies (SOIS) at UW-Milwaukee.

To see my webs sharing K-12 technology skills, please see my business education web, though I have always integrated 21st Century productivity skills into my library media lessons.  Here are some of the online resources I have created to support information literacy and academic skills in K-12 schools:

Video Kids
This year, I am teaching video production.  This class is a great way to build reading, writing and math skills.  We use all the core skills to produce videos.  We can also make videos about any other content area.  

My Library Media TV
This is my newest project, video book reviews and book & author talks which I created for the award-winning network television show, Club TNT (TVW). 

My LMC Web
I've recently updated this website (it still has some sections "under construction) this spring (2016).  This web has been online, however, vaarous forms since 2008.

Digital Citizenship:  Cyber Safe
We were part of communities when we're at school, our hometown, county, state, nation, and when we are online.  Being web-smart means being a good digital citizen.

"Take 5" Research Process
A subweb under My LMC Web, these resources break information literacy down into an easy and manageable process.

Bear Book Talks
Picture books are fun and I created this site, which features a talking bear named Bogey, to share some favorite picture books, authors, and illustrators.

Dewey Decimal Challenge I
It is important to help today's youth and young adults understand how information is intellectually organized when resources are physically placed on library shelves.  While more than 150 years old right now, Dewey Decimal Classifications are still relevant and used to shelf related books to help us browse for information. 

Dewey Decimal Challenge II
Over the years it has been so much fun sharing Dewey Classifications with a bright & colorful online game, that I had to create another version.  I have been amazed at how enthusiasticly and quickly some students pick this up.  They wanted another Dewey game, so I made version 2.

Dewey Decimal Challenge III
Students really love online resources and these were made before it was possible to find teh wide-range interactive learning sites that are on the Internet today.  Students asked, so I developed a third version.

Fiction Genre Gig
Librarians think of novels -- fiction -- as having six groupings based on how readers enjoy them.  Jere's a game structured like our Dewey Challenges that helps you connect different types of fiction books with things you may also enjoy,

Reference Rally
Let's quickly review what makes a "Reference Section" and then put your understanding to work with an interactive game.

My Research Pathfinders.  The links below are all stand-alone research units that break down how to locate information by subject headings and Dewey numbers.  Each identifies many resources in different formats to help students learn the research process.  Each was featured on the award-winning TV program, Club TNT

Math Minutes

Math is the gateway to higher education.  I taught developmental math at University of Wisconsin as an adjunct professor immediately after earning my initial library meedia certificaiton.  This website began as my class web.  When I moved on (being a part-time adjunct professor was fun, but it is not a career path), I continued to update the resources and eventually made a series of math tutorial videos for TVW's Club TNT.

Early Literacy Web

The best part about finishing my professional library media certification at an ALA accredited, is that we emphasized developmental reading as understood by the world's leading advocate for literacy -- The American Library Association.  This website supports early literacy presentations I have made at early childhood development conferences.

Blowing Bubbles

I have collaborated with Brain Development Specialist Jeanne Erickson for many years now.  We have done Early Literacy presentations together too.  I created this website to illustrate and explain how this simple childhood activity promotes brain development and the psychomotor skills that enable preschoolers to learn to talk.

Archive:  My Library Media Homepage
This website is among my earliest complete webs, designed while I was completing initial library media certification.  I keep it online because its content is still valid and it is used by many librians and library media specialist students around the "net even today. 

Please note that my LMS web was online before people adopted wide-screen monitors/displays.  That is why, on a modern devise, text spews across the entire display -- not a good design by today's standards. 

Please remember, the purpose of keeping this page online is to have an archive of the work I did more than a dozen years ago.  Perhaps someday I will revise to modern web design standards, but that is not my purpose for keeping it online as part of BreitLinks at this point in time.


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