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My Forest Management Mediasite Productions

While I am not responsible for the content of these presentations (responsible parties are credited for each presentation), I do go out on location with all equipment necessary to record, improvise the optimal set-up, coach presenters on the Mediasite format, and work with each presenter to ensure that they are comfortable with the process and equipment that is used. 

These presentations are all "live takes" - there is not an opportunity to go back, rerecord, or edit.  Like everything else in life, it necessitates compromises between an ideal and matters at hand.

Climate Changes & Effect on Wisconsin's Forests, Rob Scheller, Department of Forest Ecology and Management, UW-Madison.  This presentation talks about climate changes and the effects on Wisconsin's forests.  It was part of the 2007 Eau Claire Area Woodland Owners Conference in Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Community Wildfire Protection Plans, Jolene Ackerman, Wildland Urban Interface Specialist, DNR.  This talk reviews Community Wildfire Protection Plans and addresses wildfire responses, hazard mitigation projects, and community preparedness.

Forest Futures: Taking Stock of Our Assets, Paul DeLong, WDNR Forestry Division Administrator.  The keynote address at the 2007 Sparta Loggers' Conference, Paul talks about issues relating to the value of Wisconsin's forests.

Forest Story: Restoring Wisconsin's Treasure, Wisconsin DNR – Division of Forestry.  A video describing the history of Wisconsin's forests, foresters, and forestry program.  Copies of this video are available free of charge to Wisconsin teachers.  To request a VHS copy, send an e-mail with your name, name of school, grade you teach and the school shipping address to Forestry.Webmail@Wisconsin.gov

Impact of MFL & Ag Use Assessment, Tom Janssen, Wisconsin Department of Revenue.  Here’s a review of MFL fees and taxes. Also discussed are: property assessments and appeal procedures, agricultural classification & use value, undeveloped lands - 50% assessment, agricultural forests - 50% assessment, and the impact of assessment relief.

Land Use/Demographic Changes & Impacts on Forests, Jay Tappen, Senior Planner, West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission.   This presentation is about land use and demographic changes and how these impact forests.

Managed Forest Law (MFL) Changes, Brent Weaver, DNR Forester, Buffalo County.  This discussion reviews recent changes in the Managed Forest Law (MFL) and includes a "questions and answers" session.

Prescribed Fire & Oak Management, Brad Hutnik, Wisconsin DNR.  Here is a review of issues and obstacles to the regeneration of oak trees.

Principles of Wildlife Management, Scott Craven, Department of Wildlife Ecology, UW-Madison & UW-Extensions.  This talk presents important principles and concepts for wildlife management.

To cut or not to cut? Part 1, Tim Beyer, WDNR Forester, Sheboygan County.  This presentation discusses factors to consider when selecting trees for harvest and details the benefits of removing some trees and reasons for not cutting others.

To cut or not to cut? Part 2, Tim Beyer, WDNR Forester, Sheboygan County.  Part 2 addresses issues related to selecting trees to cut, reasons not to cut, and answers questions from the audience.

Tree Planting & Reforestation in the CWD Zone, Kellen Anderson.  This presentation review tree planting and reforestation in the CWD zone and the impact of deer.

Wetland Restoration & Management, Jeff Nania, Executive Director/Project Director, Wisconsin Waterfowl Association, Inc.  This talk presents information about wetland restoration and management and Portage Community School District's River Crossing Environmental Charter School.

Woodland Damage from Wildlife, Dan Hirchert, USDA APHIS Wildlife Services.  This discussion focuses on wildlife damage and abatement as it relates to forests.

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Online Resources:  Forest Management

American Forests

Caring for Your Forest (WDNR)

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Forestry Facts (UW Forestry Extension)

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Forest Management and Planning (MI DNR)

Forest Management Information Sheets

Forest Management Practices

Forest Management Workshop Manual

Forest Trends

Forestry and Natural Resources:  Knowledge to Go!

Forestry Index

Forestry Links (by National Association of State Foresters)

Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry

Managed Forest Law (WDNR)

Moving Toward Sustainable Forestry: Strategies for Forest Landowners

National Forest Management Act of 1976

Resource Management and Forest Planning

Roundtable on Sustainable Forests

Smart Forestry for Smart Growth (WDNR)

Sustainable Forestry

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Sustainable Forest Management

Sustainable Forest Management:  Criteria and Indicators

Sustainable Forestry Network

Urban Forest Restoration

USDA Forest Service:  Caring for the Land and Serving People

USDA Forest Service Forest Management

Wisconsin Council on Forestry

Wisconsin Forest Crop Law (WNDR)

Wisconsin Forest Management Guidelines (WDNR)

Wisconsin Forest Tax Law (WDNR)

Wisconsin Forest Units in Geographical Management Units (WDNR)

Wisconsin Forestry Assistance Locator (WDNR)

Wisconsin Statewide Forest Plan

Wisconsin Urban and Community Forestry Program Information (WDNR)

Wisconsin's Forest Sustainability Framework (Wisconsin Council on Forestry)

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Downloadable, Printable PDF Files

Forests for Generations:  Managing Forests to Meet People’s Needs and to Protect the Environment (6 pages)

Forests for the Ages (1 page)

Illuminating Choice in Sustainable Forest Management:  A Comparative Risk Assessment Framework and Tools (19 pages)

In Our Hands:  The Future of America's Forests (6 pages)

Landowner’s Guide to Sustainable Forestry:  Planning for the Future (6 pages)

Management by Objectives:  Successful Forest Planning (6 Pages)

Moving Toward Sustainable Forestry:  Lessons From Old Growth Forests (86 pages)

Perspectives on America’s Forests (75 pages)

Sustainable Forest Management:  A Review of Conventional Wisdom (31 pages)

Tips on How to Get the Most from Your Timber Harvest (4 pages)

Tree Pruning 101 (2 pages)

[ My Mediasite Productions ] [ Online Resources ]
[ Downloadable, Printable PDF Files ]
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[Invasive Species] [Maple Syrup] [Wood Industry]
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Fire Prevention

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Forest Management

Climate Changes & Effect on Wisconsin's Forests

Community Wildfire Protection Plans

Forest Futures: Taking Stock of Our Assets

Forest Story: Restoring Wisconsin's Treasure

Impact of MFL & Ag Use Assessment

Land Use/Demographic Changes & Impacts on Forests

Managed Forest Law (MFL) Changes

Prescribed Fire & Oak Management

Principles of Wildlife Management

To cut or not to cut? Part 1

To cut or not to cut? Part 2

Tree Planting & Reforestation in the CWD Zone

Wetland Restoration & Management

Woodland Damage from Wildlife

Invasive Species

Drought Impact on Forest Pests - Jack Pine Budworm

Emerald Ash Borer: An Emerging Threat To Wisconsin's Forests

Emerald Ash Borer: The Green Menace

Forest Health Issues Including Emerald Ash Borer

Oak Wilt: Biology and Management in Wisconsin

Oak Wilt: Prevention & Management

Oak Wilt & Emerald Ash Borer

Maple Syrup

Sweet Stewardship: Managing for Maple Syrup

Wood Industry

The Impact of China on Forest Industry in the Lake States

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New Age Paper Mills

Reacting and Adjusting to Global Impacts

Wisconsin's Timber Resources, Current Markets and Concerns

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