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More than 18% of Americans experience alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence at some time in their lives.

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Adult Children of Alcoholics
Alcohol Problems and Solutions
Alcoholics Anonymous
Al-Anon:   Affected by someoneís drinking?
(Al-Anon for teenagers)
How to Find
an AA Meeting
Celebrate Recovery:  Madison's New Beginnings Alliance Church
Faces and Voices of Recovery
Join Together
LifeRing Secular Recovery
Practical Recovery
Rational Recovery
Recovery Coast to Coast
Recovery Directory
SMART Recover
SOS: Secular Organizations for Sobriety (Save Our Selves)
We Recover
Women For Sobriety
X Steppers
Alcohol Abuse Screening Quiz
Alcohol Questionnaire (Boston University School of Public Health)
Alcohol Questionnaire (Hazelden)
Alcohol Questionnaire (mentalhealth
Alcohol Questionnaire (Marietta College)
Listing of National Alcohol Screening Day Sites
Screening Tools for Alcohol Problems
Alcohol Awareness
Adbusters Parady Ads for Alcohol
Alcohol and Development in Youth
Alcohol and Drug Awareness
Alcohol Awareness Day Resources
Alcohol Awareness Page
Alcohol, Peer Pressure and Underage Drinking Info for Young Teens
Alcohol Research and Statistics
Alcoholism (MedlinePlus)
April is Alcohol Awareness Month
Awareness and Prevention of Teen Drug Abuse
Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth: Fact Sheets
Children of Alcoholics Foundation
College Drinking:  Changing the Culture 
Does Family History of Alcoholism Put You at Risk
Girl Talk:  Alcohol
Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse
Leadership To Keep Children Alcohol Free
Living Clean: Whatís Your Antidrug?
Look Out Alcohol
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
National Association for Children of Alcoholics
National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
News & articles about alcohol and other drugs of abuse for family members
Partnership for a Drug-Free America
Reaching Up for Air: Stories of Addiction and Pain
Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral, and Treatment
Stop Underage Drinking
Teens and Alcohol Donít Mix
Tips for Parents About Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Too Smart to Start
Web of Addictions

For Teachers

671 Alcohol Lesson (Lesson Planet)

About Alcohol Lesson Plan

Adventure of the American Mind: Resources (Library of Congress)

Alcohol Abuse-Excuse Generator

Alcohol Abuse Lesson Plans (TeAch-nology)

Alcohol Advertising/Marketing Lesson Plans

Alcohol and Drug Awareness Lesson Plans, Printables, and More (TeacherVision)

Alcohol and Drug Reduction Education Lesson Plans

Alcohol and Families:  Toolkit for Teachers & Lesson Plans

Alcohol and Other Drugs Lesson Plan

Alcohol Awareness Day Resources for Teachers

Alcohol Cost Calculator for Kids

Alcohol/Drugs:  Say No Lesson Plan & Guide

Alcohol Myths Lesson Plan

Alcohol: Turning Down An Offer To Drink Is Easier Than You Think!

Analyzing Alcohol Ads & Marketing Resources

Brain Awareness Lesson Plans

Caring for Every Child's Mental Health Campaign

CHP's Alcohol Awareness Site & Lesson Plans

Community How To Guides On Underage Drinking Prevention

Dark Highways:  A Lesson Plan on Drinking & Driving (.pdf)

Deadly Highs:  Health lesson plan (

Drinking and Driving

Drug Prevention Lesson Plans

Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Prevention Lessons and Activities

Facts First!  Pamphlets

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Lesson Plans

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Lesson Plans (Science Ambassador)

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Online Training Program

Heads Up: Real News About Drugs and Your Body

"He Shoots, He Scores": Alcohol Advertising and Sports Lesson Plan

The Human Mind, Alcohol and the Brain Lesson Plan

In the Mix:  Lesson Plans & Discussion Guides (PBS)

Interpreting Data of Alcohol-Related Traffic Accidents Lesson Plan & Guide

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It's My Life:  Parents-Teachers, The Dangers of Drug Abuse

Jeopardy with Alcohol and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Kids, Alcohol and Advertising Young Drinkers Teacher Backgrounder

Kids, Alcohol and Advertising Young Drinkers Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans for Health & Phy Ed

Peer Pressure Response

Make it True

The pressure is on!

Alternative Party

Sobriety Testing Stations

Decision-making Scenarios

Alcohol Ball

Catch It

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome


Assessing Media's Influence Project

Moyers on Addiction:  Education Guides

"My Friend has a Drug Problem" Lesson Plan

News & Articles About Alcohol and Other Drugs of Abuse for Teachers

Prevention First Initiative Lesson Plans

Prevention Program Shows Middle School Success

Preventing Substance Use Problems Among Young People:  A Compendium of Best Practices

Reach Out Now Teach-In

Researching Teen Alcohol Abuse Lesson Plan

Safe Driving:  Health lesson plan (

SAMHSA's Reach Out Now:  Prevent Underage Alcohol Use

Lesson Plans

2006 Lesson Plan Archive

2005 Lesson Plan Archive

2004 Lesson Plan Archive

Stop  Lesson Plans for Teachers

Stop Under Age Drinking

Substance Abuse Prevention Curriculum Guide

Student Led Staff Development: A Teen's Definition of Crisis Lesson Plan

Teens at Risk Lesson Plan

ThinkQuest:  Drugs & Alcohol

Understanding Alcohol Lesson Plans (NIAAA)

What Students Had to Say:  Educating About Alcohol and Drugs

Home / Use Or Abuse? / Alcohol & The Brain
Research Guide / Print Resources / Support & help
For Mom & Dad / For Teachers / Kids & Students
AA Big Book Study / Brain Matters Web
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